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This is the real life story of Dane Hartwell who set out on a horseback expedition from Montana in 1993. Over a decade later, the adventure continues today....


Dane Hartwell, Horseback America

I made it into Truth or Consequences, NM after a long stay on a plateau near an old adobe homesite to wait out a series of storms.

The locals were expecting me and I met some really wonderful and interesting people.  It is so refreshing to be greeted warmly and see so much interest in the Expedition after I have been isolated for weeks during wintertime.

Karin was able to send me three boxes of supplies (over 100 lbs.) Both Starlight and I have trimmed down considerably and we are finally looking like we are out for more than a weekend getaway.

My plans are to travel around this area, that is very rich in culture and history, until the warmth of spring melts the snow on the passes of the Continental Divide Trail.

I have been invited to visit two remote ranches and I am looking forward to meeting the proprietors:  The Mackie Redd Farm, which specializes in training near Hillsboro, NM and the Geronimo Trail 
Guest Ranch, which hosts guests in the middle of the National Forest near Wall Lake.

When it is possible, I will be traveling north toward Alburquerque and Santa Fe.  The horses are all in great condition and old Coley has  been so spirited lately that it is difficult for me to accept that she 
is almost 20 years old.

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