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The Expedition is supported by whatever work can be picked up along the route. Dane has worked on many projects and constructed things all  over the western states for many people who become friends and part of the Expedition through the experience. When the environment is great with good work, good friends, and a nice place to be, the Expedition 
can stop for several months in order to buy new gear, make changes to the pack system and to save money to continue. Everyone gets a break from the rigors of the trail, especially the horses.

Click to viewAfter a long layover, it is very hard to get back into the swing of things. Everything has to be packed to perfection to ensure a quick load and unload, let alone finding everything we need. When the Expedition stops, everything is taken apart and no one remembers how everything is packed. Then there is the new gear that needs a home..

Dane has found the best way to get the Expedition back on track starts with a  punch list. There is always a sense of accomplishment to mark the items off once they're completed. The more things checked off means less work to do when traveling. Refining this list makes it much quicker to pack up in the mornings and much less work at camp, leaving time for much needed rest and relaxation.

This is Dane's punch list for the 2007 season:

Fix new Mac
Fix old Mac
go thru spices
pack kitchen
make LED light
redo battery bank 1
redo battery bank 2
make helmet
wax riding boots
instal fiber optic lighting on saddle
fix adapter wire
wash kitchen bag
fix solar panels
check wires on panyards
fix turn signals
go thru magic kit
check GPS
fix reins
make meat bag
make small medical kit for saddle bags
go thru clothes bag
put clothes in plastic bags
fix tent zipper
download music
download programs
fix car horn
put together kitchen
lighten 1st aid kit
lighten repair kit
get software books
organize CD's
organize movies
make box for Karin's gear
fix solar panel
test controller in new battery bank
pack CD's
finish 1st aid kit
make turn signals
switch for strobe
make hose rope
check horn
fix horn
put battery bank in cooler
clean up LED light
lighten repair kit
glue saddle bags
check glue/vinyl repair kit
pack saddle bags
make extra zip ties for saddle lights
waterproof fiber optic lights on saddle
get emory cloth
lighten top pack
lighten 1st aid kit in top pack
lighten 1st aid in saddle bags
lighten clothes bag
put springs on flag
record videos
install saddlebag battery
install batteries in big bank
install battery in small bank
fix wires on the saddle pommel
pack personal gear from box
fix turn signals
glue helmet flasher
learn magic tricks to go
check kitchen in trailer
sew top pack ring for pv panel
put clips on new pv panel
put wire on new pv panel
melt burrs of pv panel
check new pv on top pack
get winter clothes ready
check all pv panel wires
pack sleeping bag
check cinches on panyards
check riggings on panyards
glue logo
check watts on LED light
check cord on LED light
sharpen knives
check tackle box
put soles in walking shoes
weigh water jug
change cord on LED light
check DVD's to Tracy
check toilet paper
pack plastic bags
pack baggies
pack cords in battery banks
pack briefcase
fix battery bank amp meter
clean bed area of gear
organize Karin's box
put epoxy up
make music DVD
check battery in pedometer
make extra health kit
wax pommel zipper
check pommel gear
check water filter
make char cloth
fix gaitors
write update for website
put gear away in boxes
check alpha smart book
change camp fuel
pack back seat
charge camera batteries
set up CB antenna
make cord for CB
pack gear in closet
pack ropes
set up wireless microphone
make water jug
pack grain and mac

pack flour
pack sweetener
change top pack
pack gear in boxes
sharpen nippers
charge batteries
charge flashlight
make DVD
check magic kit
make small health kit
pack boots
work on electric panyard 1
work on electric panyard 2
work on food panyard 1
work on food panyard 2
check alphasmart sync to mac
charge camcorder
pack cd cooler
make new cord for LED light
check amps on LED light and DVD player
put springs on flag
get sunblock for butt pack
organize health supplies
pack CB
attach big clip on saddle
distribute weight in top packs
pack DVD's
find saddle battery
Divx transfer
burn mp3's
sync writing to alpha
put new hose on picket line
make cold weather clothing bag
get DV tapes
top coat visor
pin stripe visor
weigh food additions
tape mac power cord
fix blinker relay to momentary
switch hard drive in macs
record hi-8
hi-8 to DVD
get mac pdf files to alpha
pack and weigh electric panyards
pack and weigh food panyards
make weigh strap for top packs
figure out batteries needed
tape TV wire to TV
remove battery from 12v remote
cut pages from map
cut pages from writer's guide
wax ten zippers
rearrange gear in Gale's barn
fix quick snap on panyard lid
fix scanner
check ham antenna
get butane
charge battery bank
secure meat bag clips
pack sleeping bag
fit pack saddle to Coley
fit pack saddle to Bell
fit saddle to Starlight
fix electric cord in panyard
fix logo
shoe Coley
shoe Bell
shoe Starlight
make battery holder for recorder
burn 3 spare music DVDs
burn 3 program DVDs
make mpeg DVD
make rock DVD
make country DVD
find distance from Alpine to CDT
check journal for distance between camps
pack rifle
gather AAA batteries
check headphones to helmet
velcro helmet visor
lighten Bell's top pack
get sandals
check cooking oil
downsize food
fix saddle stirrup
paint helmet
add rca plug to panyard
wax boots
check suntan lotion
test mp3 player
go thru shed for gear
fix saddle
extra batteries for flashlight and head lamp
wash helmet
get Apache NF map
get Gila Wilderness map
find small flashlight
get #3's papers to the Harpers in Alpine
put batteries in gear
find chicago screws
check ER battery
charge 2-way radios
find bandanas
fix scale
fix picket ropes
pack food horse
pack electric horse
burn program disk
worm Coley
worm Bell
worm Starlight
find weigh strap
find camp mirror
fix water jug
clear coat helmet



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